Pursue excellence in Education & Research with a futuristic approach and inculcate among the youth qualities of leadership and innovation guided by the teachings of Islam.
Vision :
An intellectual environment conducive for innovative teaching and learning * A culture of original research to address the future challenges* To build intellectual environment, raised with Islamic ethics and strengthened with free and open enquiry * High quality professional education meeting the local and global requirements * Emphasis on Islamic ethical values for inculcating the qualities of love, Patriotism and service to humanity.
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it is apprised that the students who have secured 1st 2nd & 3rd positions in annual examinations 5014 , they are eligible for award of scholarship as per existing policy

Appended below is the detail of position holder

Examinations First Positions
Second Positions
Third Positions
First Prof Part-l Kiran Tariq
474/600 79%
Myra Imtiaz
465/600 77.5%
Myra Imtiaz
462/600 77%
First Prof Part-ll Samra Ramzan
520/600 86.66%
Zainab Asim
472/600 78.66%
Maryam Nazir
461/600 76.83%
Ayesha Rehman
461/600 76.83%
Second Professional Iqra Saeed
787/1000 78.7%
Alina Maqsood
783/1000 78.3%
Noor Fatima
765/1000 76.5%
Third Professional Kinza Imran
789/1000 78.9%
Saima Altaf
786/1000 78.6%
Rabia Aslam
784/1000 78.4%