Pursue excellence in Education & Research with a futuristic approach and inculcate among the youth qualities of leadership and innovation guided by the teachings of Islam.
Vision :
An intellectual environment conducive for innovative teaching and learning * A culture of original research to address the future challenges* To build intellectual environment, raised with Islamic ethics and strengthened with free and open enquiry * High quality professional education meeting the local and global requirements * Emphasis on Islamic ethical values for inculcating the qualities of love, Patriotism and service to humanity.
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Fee Structure / Rules
  • Student must pay her dues within the notified period. She will not be enrolled unless she has paid the dues.

  • Dues once paid by the student are not refundable at any stage.

  • Refundable dues will only be paid back to the student after completion of the course.

  • Applicants should seek clarification about fees/other dues from Admission Office before applying.

  • Students defaulting themselves due to non payment within the due dates may be suspended and/or barred from the classes and examination until the clearance of dues in accordance with the Medical College policies and procedures is made.

  • Fee will be deposited in advance in the form of post dated cheques.

  • A student will pay examination fee annually to the University of Health Sciences.